Individual Price List


Standard HTML Pages


(not included under maintenance)


GIF/JPEG Images/Photos (not hyperlinked)


Audio/Sound Files
(must be provided in correct format)


Separate/Secure Folder or Subwebs



Additional Text Links


Additional Image Links (not thumbnails)


Forms (pages)

Additional Form (up to 10 fields)


Additional Fields (over 10)


Field Validations (simple)


Field Calculations/Complex Field Validations


Search Form (1 field)


Thumbnails (images linked to larger versions)

Browser generated pages


Custom pages created to match site pages


Downloadable Files (Word/Excel/PPT/PDFs)

(application file as provided by client)


Files/Documents (compressed into zip format)


Shopping Cart (license fees, if any, additional)


Graphic Services (per hour)

Images/Photos - Touchups/Cleanups/Modifications


Custom Logos/Banners/Backgrounds/
Navigation Buttons


Site Publishing (per hour)

FTP Uploading - Non FP Enabled Servers
Publishing/Configuration Problems - FrontPage®98 Enabled Servers


Site Maintenance

Additional 6 months - Package 1


Additional 6 months – Package 2


Miscellaneous Services (per hour)

Non-Listed Items/Services





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Optional features and services are available with every package and are clearly spelled out.


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Notes: Not all optional features and services are available with every package. There are no hidden fees of any kind. Our base packages, optional services and features, content and pricing is subject to change without notice.


Information subject to change without notice Contract Terms
Hourly Rates: Minimum charge is 1 hour, additional time billed in qtr. hours.

NOTE: These prices only available with additions on one of the package options.